Name: Charlee         Video: 50 minutes          Pictures:  139

Charlee's husband setup a pornsite for her, but she needs content. Enter me! In exchange for snapping a few pics of her I got to fuck her silly on video and keep the tape!

Name: Summer         Video: 48 minutes          Pictures:  129

I've seen some big tits in my day, but Summer may have set a new record...double JJs! I felt like these things were punching bags! I titty fucked her silly in front of her hubby!

Name: Candy         Video: 60 minutes          Pictures:  529

Here's how I came to shag Candy. I set up a bogus "couples yoga" ad online, and guess who showed up?! Before I knew it I had some monster tits in my face and my dick in her puss.

Name: Neesa         Video: 41 minutes          Pictures:  342

I've placed some big bets when gambling before, but I've never bet my car, and my buddy never bet his wife...until today. Luckily, the cards were in my favor, and so was pussy!

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